Habits & Routines

Describe what Dexter is doing and then talk about your daily routine on a school day.

Habits & Routines: present simple.


  1. Dexter's routine
    First of all, Dexter kills a mosquito that is bothering him. Then, he wakes up and starts shaving at the bathroom, but he cuts his self and he puts a sticking plaster in his wound. After that, he starts preparing his breakfast; he fries the bacon and the fried eggs, he grinds the coffee and then he prepares an orange juice. When he finish, he goes to the bathroom and he passes dental floss to his teeth’s. Later, he begins to dress and he walks out of the house.

    School routine
    The school starts every day at 8 o'clock. The first three subjects depends on the day, as well as the midday and afternoon classes. At 11 o'clock we have a break of about 30 minutes, and we are allowed to go out of the school for that short period of time. I usually go to the shopping centre that is near our school with my friends. Then we start the second period that is about two hours. At 1:30, everyone leaves to eat at home, except of me and some other guys. We stay at the school's canteen. As we are from 4th ESO, we have to wait until the other students finish eating. The classes’ starts over again at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and they’re about two hours, until 5 o'clock. Then we can finally go home! But you still have to do homework, study for the exams and go to extra school activities...

  2. dexter's routine:

    Every morning the first thing that Dexter does is shaves. Then Dexter eats his breakfast eggs, bacon, orange juice and coffe, and later he washes his teeth and finally he dresses and goes to street.

    sara's routine:

    Every morning I eat my breakfast some biscuits and orange juice, later I wash my teeth and I take a shower, then I go to school, very fast at half past seven, because my classes starts at 8 o'clock.


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